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Verifying a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a series of numbers and letters that is specific to an individual vehicle, much like a serial number. Verifying your car’s VIN is necessary if you need to get it registered. The owner of the vehicle must swear before a Notary that the VIN and Odometer reading are correct (FS 319.23)

Newer vehicles require a Verification FORM whereby the Notary performs two separate notarial acts to complete the form.

$20.00 max per form


Certifies a signer personally appeared before the notary, was positively identified and acknowledged signing the document. (FS 11.04)

With an Acknowledgment, you are acknowledging that the signature is yours and that the document was signed of your own free will. 

$10 max per document


Certifies that the signer personally appeared before the Notary, was positively identified, signed in the Notary's presence and took an oath or affirmation from the Notary. 

 (FS 117.05)

$10 per document

Certified Copies

Notaries are often asked by signers to verify that a reproduction or photocopy of an original document or photo is a true, complete and correct copy of the original. This is called "certifying a copy" or "copy certification."  A Florida notary may make or supervise the making of a photocopy that is not a vital or public record and attest to the trueness of the copy. (FS 117.05 )

$10 per copy

Oaths and Affirmations

Oaths and Affirmations are solemn promises to a Supreme Being (Oath) or on one's own personal honor (affirmation).  (FS 117.03)

$10 per document


Florida Notaries are authorized to solemnize marriages. The Notary must ensure that the couple present a valid marriage license from a county court judge or clerk of the circuit court. The Notary may then perform the ceremony with he boundaries of the state. (FS 117.045, 2001 RMN)

$30 per ceremony

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